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airport. Those of us who work here at different businesses get to assist daily travelers in arranging flights, ensuring the flight security, instructing new flight students, or keeping the airport maintained. The team mindset really shines through during winter months when snow accumulates and everyone comes together with machinery, plow trucks, and shovels to keep the airport operating for travelers and Valley Med’s Life Flight services.

The Sidney-Richland Regional Airport is composed of several business entities which provide Richland County and the surrounding areas access to commercial and general aviation services. Each entity provides unique services, employment, and opportunities for business and passenger travel.

The Sidney-Richland Airport Authority employs a Manager and Assistant Manager to oversee:

  • Federal Aviation Administration Requirements: Part 139 FAA Inspection Certification

  • Project Management: Runway/Taxiway Additions, Hangars, Building Modifications

  • Management: Airport Finances, Airport Patron Lease Agreements, Personnel

  • Airfield Maintenance: Mowing, Weed Spraying, Seeding, Snow Removal

  • Equipment Maintenance: Case 210MX, CAT 962G, Grasshopper 729, Bush Hog

  • Maintenance of facilities: Snow Removal Equipment Building, Airport Terminal

  • Advertising and Marketing: Social Media Management, Services, Events, Real Estate for Hangars

  • Business Development: Grant research and applications, community events/involvement

Richland County Public Works: Maintenance of Airfield

The airport is very thankful for the Richland County Public Works employees which have assisted us by providing a skilled grader and excavator operator to help with snow clearing and tree removal by one of our runway approaches beside the Sidney Country Club. They also completed a project on the guard rails by the new long-term gravel parking lot, shortening the guard rail to provide an entry and exit to the lot and adding additional gravel. The airport is blessed to have assistance by the Richland County employees and we cannot thank them enough for their hard work!

  • Grader Operators

  • Excavator Operators

  • County Work Crews

  • Equipment for airfield maintenance

Richland Aviation: Fixed-Base Operator

Richland Aviation, a full service FBO, brings a host of services to the aviation community. The crew at Richland Aviation provide direct to plane, Avgas and JetA, fuel truck service for Cape Air’s Cessna 402’s, general aviators, and business and private jets. The owner and crew are always willing to go the extra mile to assist local patrons and those just stopping in for a pit stop. A comfortable pilot lounge, computer/internet, and courtesy car are available. As you exit the runway on Taxiway D, proceed to the right and you will be met by a crew member who will assist you in parking your aircraft, take your fuel order, and provide requested services. Richland Aviation has a beautiful and informative website to assist travelers and are staffed with very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful personnel. You can view their website at and they are also active on Facebook.

  • Plane and Hangar rental

  • Charter Service

  • Full service fuel trucks for Avgas and JetA

  • Flight Lessons

  • Pilot Lounge

Sidney Air Service: Fixed-Base Operator

Sidney Air Service is another FBO at the Sidney-Richland Airport which provides self-service Avgas, Air Service, hangar space, and flight lessons to the general aviation community. As you exit the runway on Taxiway D, proceed to the left and you will see the self-service Avgas pump under Sidney Air Service’s sign. Contact information for FBO’s can be found under the Aviation Services page on the airport website.

  • Self-Service Avgas

  • Flight Lessons

  • Hangar Rental

  • Pilot Service

  • Aircraft Broker

Cape Air Airlines: Commercial Flights

Cape Air Logo

Cape Air Airlines operates 9 passenger Cessna 402’s with routes to and from Sidney, Montana to Billings, Montana. Cape Air is the sole airline at Sidney-Richland Municipal Airport. Our airport, as well as, Glendive, Wolf Point, Glasgow, and Havre are all Essential Air Service routes subsidized by the government. Cape Air Airline’s bid was accepted to fly these routes. The Cape Air pilots are based in Billings, Montana and fly to the out stations and overnight on the last trip. The Best Western Golden Prairie Inn and Suites currently shuttles the pilots to and from the airport and accommodates their overnights here in Sidney. Many of the pilots are at the very beginning of their aviation careers and are involved in a partnership program Cape Air negotiated with Jet Blue Airlines. After acquiring the necessary hours the pilots will interview for a position with Jet Blue. You can read more about the Jet Blue Gateway Program for Cape Air pilots here.

  • 5 Departing Flights from Sidney to Billings, MT

  • 5 Arriving Flights from Billings, to Sidney, MT

  • Pets (dogs and cats) can fly aboard in a kennel

  • No additional fees for unaccompanied minors

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