Traveler Information 

(406) 433-3273
Sidney-Richland Airport encourages you to arrive one hour before your scheduled flight.
While we are a small airport, flying on Cape Air’s Cessna 402 requires a unique check-in process where passengers are asked for their weight, all bags must be weighed and then a weight and balance is calculated by the pilots. The aircraft is then loaded according to the weight and balance calculations. Passengers will also need to be screened by TSA before boarding the aircraft.
Due to this process arriving one hour before your scheduled flight is strongly encouraged.

FY18-20 Disadvantage Business Enterprise Study

Thank you for your interest in the FY2018-2020 Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Goal Methodology for the Sidney-Richland Regional Airport. The draft goal for FY2018-2020 projects is 3.57% race neutral. Please click here to access the Draft Goal Methodology Calculations. If you are interested in commenting on the goal methodology, please email your comments to and provide your contact information.

Flight Schedule

Billings to Sidney
Sidney to Billings

Car Rental 

Richland Car and Truck Rental

Richland Car and Truck Rental is the only rental car business which serves Sidney-Richland Airport. Other websites may claim to have vehicles on hand at our airport, but this is not the case. 

The Petrik's are filling a much needed service at the Sidney-Richland Airport by providing a reliable service to accommodate patrons of the Sidney area. Contact them today to make your rental car reservation.

Website:              Phone: (406) 478-4930

TSA Security

Your Safety Matters
Work With Us!

Complete an application at:

 to start the process of becoming a Transportation Security Officer (TSO).

Trinity Security Group will screen all passengers and those with gate access for unaccompanied minors. 


Please review what is allowed through security, in your checked baggage and carry on items. These rules are National and not specific to the Sidney airport. 


A claim form is available for download if your personal property has been damaged at


Please review travel guidelines at


Trinity Technology Group has employment opportunities!

Airport Parking 

Short-Term Parking

The short-term parking lot is located directly in front of the Sidney-Richland Airport Terminal.


Short-term spaces are for patrons requiring parking for 24 hours or less. 

There is no fee for short-term parking.

Long-Term Parking

A paved long-term parking area is available to the immediate left upon entering from the airport road. A gravel long-term parking area is available to accommodate large trucks or trucks with trailers.


In the event you require longer than the permitted two weeks please contact airport management at (406)433-2415 to discuss your specific circumstances for additional arrangements.

There is currently no fee for 2 week long-term parking.

Cape Air Reservations

Local: (406) 433-3273

Located inside the main terminal.

Hours: 6:30 am to 7:30 pm

Airport Manager: Ryan Huotari


Phone: (406) 433-2415

Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Physical Address:

540 Airport Road

Sidney, MT 59270

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